Get Screened California

Join our efforts to increase life-saving cancer screenings for all Californians

What is Get Screened California?

The California Dialogue on Cancer (CDOC) is proud to be partnering with the American Cancer Society to promote the American Cancer Society’s national Get Screened public awareness campaign among California’s diverse population. Starting in 2022, we have chosen to focus specifically on lung cancer screening.

Why Lung Cancer Screening?

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. and California. Screening high-risk individuals offers the opportunity to increase survival rates, but screening rates remain low. California’s screening rates are among the lowest in the nation. We can do better! Thank you for joining us for the November 10th Get Screened CA: Increasing Lung Cancer Screening Virtual Forum and for participating in our #GetScreenedCA lung cancer screening social media campaign.

Thank you for joining us on November 10th!

Please share the recording with individuals and organizations that can help increase uptake of life-saving lung cancer screening in California.

Social Media Campaign

Our official campaign took place in November 2022, but it’s not too late to share our #GetScreenedCA lung cancer screening social media campaign assets.